Welcome to Aardstorm

This is a small, UK-based company offering a variety of services through this and other websites. Through this site, we are offering a number of support services of relevance to small businesses, freelance professionals, and other organisations. These include a range of website design, implementation, testing, and hosting and management services, together with supporting document (research, editorial and authoring) and picture (location, creation and custom photography) production services. You are also welcome to use our supporting services individually, or in combination, without our website services. For example, by combining our document and picture services, we can help you produce almost any type of document, with any combination of text and graphics, for distribution either electronically or on paper.

Note: We are currently moving house, and as a result will not be able to respond to enquiries for our services until the move is completed. The contact and payment functions of this site are therefore temporarily suspended for the duration of the house move. This message will be removed when normal operation has resumed, which we hope to be around the middle of September.

You are welcome to explore this site to see what we normally have to offer, but please do not try to request a quotation. A brief guide to this site and our services is given below, to help you find information relevant to your interests.

Website Services

Our Website Design Service is for small businesses or other organisations that want a simple advertising or informational website, optionally also with simple e-commerce facilities. We will design a new website for you, in accordance with your requirements, by adapting our standard basic site design and incorporating elements from our standard range of website features.

Our Website Implementation Service is for creative professionals (or serious amateurs) who want a website functionally similar to those produced by our design service, either for themselves or on behalf a client, but want full control over its visual design. We will convert your design into a fully functional new website for you, in accordance with your requirements.

Our Website Hosting and Management Service is for clients of our design or implementation services. Once we have designed, implemented and tested your new website, we will then host it on our servers and manage it for you. All you will then need to do is respond to queries about your business from your potential customers, and inform us of any changes you may wish to make to your site. We will look after all queries about the site itself, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business.

Our Website Testing Service is for anyone who wants help with checking the content and testing the functionality of a website that has been produced by themselves, or even a design or implementation service other than our own.

Please see the Website Services section of this site for further details.

Document Services

Our Research Service is for small businesses, organisations, or even individuals that want to find information about a particular topic, or answers to specific questions, but do not want to search for that information themselves. We will search the internet, our own library, and libraries, museums and other public information repositories for the information that you require. We will then either simply tell you where to find the information, so that you can read it for yourself, or you can commission us to also produce some form of document from that information using our other document services.

Our Authoring Service is for those who want some form of report, article, brochure, booklet, presentation or other document written about a specific topic. We can write your document from information either that you supply or that we find for you using our research service.

Our document Production Service is primarily for clients of our other document services, but may also be used on its own by those who want an existing document converted to a different format with minimal rewriting. We will take the text and pictures or other graphics that either you supply or we produce and use them to design and produce a new document to your specification. We can produce documents in a wide range of formats, both on paper and in electronic form. Where your document is intended for production on paper, we can print them for you, supply you with files for you to print, or we can liase with a commercial printing service on your behalf.

Our Editorial Service is for anyone who wants help with checking and correcting a document for spelling, punctuation, grammatical and formatting accuracy and consistency. You can use this service on its own, to help you prepare your own documents for final printing, possibly through a professional typesetting service, or it can be used in conjunction with our other document services to prepare text that you supply for inclusion in a larger document that we are producing for you.

Please see the Document Services section of this site for further details..

Picture Services

This service is intended to support the website design and authoring services introduced above, by providing illustrations, backgrounds, special text effects, or other graphic elements. We can locate, and license on your behalf, one or more pictures to meet your requirements from commercial sources such as one of the many picture libraries, or we can take suitable photographs of the subject(s) that you specify. We can also create a wide range of graphs and charts from numerical information, and create images from scratch using basic shapes, lines, patterns and text. We can then manipulate and/or combine pictures and graphics in a variety of ways to produce exactly the image(s) you require. You can also supply us with photographs or other pictures that we will then convert, modify, and combine as necessary to produce your images.

Click here for further details of our Picture Services.